Now Signup with Metamask or Web3 Wallet

The most requested feature has finally arrived on Nuo Network. Users can now create a smart contract based Nuo account with Metamask or a Web3 Wallet without the need for a password. Before this upgrade, users could only create an account with password and later connect Metamask or Web3 Wallet. See how it works

With this upgrade, we have completely eliminated the need for using a password on the platform and users can use the platform entirely with Metamask or Web3 Wallets (Trust, imToken etc). You can signup, login, transfer funds or create a loan, trade and reserve, all from the comfort of Metamask or your Web3 Wallet.

Signup Process

  1. If you are a new user comfortable using web3 applications, you can create an account on Nuo by clicking ‘Signup’ and ‘Continue with Metamask’.
  2. You would be paying gas cost for creating a smart contract based Nuo account and would need to sign a transaction and agree to our ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy Policy’.
  3. Once you sign this transaction, you need to create a username on the platform and enter your email address (optional).
  4. Your Nuo account creation process will be completed once your signed transaction is confirmed onchain. You can check the status of your Nuo account by clicking ‘Check Now’
  5. If the signed transaction fails, you would see an option to recreate the account by signing another transaction.

Password Signup

If you aren’t comfortable using Metamask or a Web3 Wallet, you can still signup on Nuo with password. Your Nuo account will be a smart contract owned by a private key which is encrypted with your hashed password. While signing a transaction, this private key is decrypted on the client side with your password. Please note: losing or forgetting this password can result in permanent loss of funds due to non-custodial nature of the platform.

Signup with Metamask vs Signup with Password

Signup with Metamask vs Signup with Password

  1. Users signing up with Metamask or Web3 Wallet will pay gas cost for Nuo account creation, while account creation using password is completely free.
  2. Users signing up with Metamask or Web3 Wallet will have a permanent account on signup completion, while users signing up with password will have a temporary account which will become permanent, once you transfer some funds to this account.
  3. Users signing up with Metamask or Web3 Wallet will not be able to add password authentication to their account, while users signing up with password can connect Metamask or Web3 Wallet to their account.
  4. Users signing up with Metamask or Web3 Wallet will not be able to use Nuo across devices or platforms and would be restricted by their Web3 Wallet portability, while users signing up with password will be able to access Nuo from any device or platform by using password authentication.

Signup with Metamask or Web3 Wallet is an important feature to give users complete control over their funds on the platform without using hashed password and encrypted private keys. Our goal has always been to create an easy to use product for all users without compromising on the ethos of the Ethereum community.

We believe this product is now completely aligned with the community ethos and paves a way for onboarding users who are new to Web3. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our community for their feedback on this product feature and constant support throughout our journey. We build and strive hard for you.

PS: If you are an early user who has already signed up with password, you can still login with a connected wallet. You can also create a new account with this feature and can access multiple accounts with the same Metamask or Web3 wallet.

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