New Security Features are now live

We have added major security features on Nuo for password based logins. Security of user funds is of paramount importance to us and we want to provide users all the options for added layer of security.

1. IP Whitelist

IP Whitelist will ensure that you can login to your Nuo account only from certain IPs which have been whitelisted and no one can access the account from a non whitelisted IP. If you are trying to login to your Nuo account from a different IP address, you will receive an email notification to approve the IP first and then access the account. This is important to ensure that nobody else but you can access this account.

2. Security Questions

We finally have a way to let users use forgot password if you add security questions to your account. You would be asked to fill answers to some security questions of your choice and in case you forget your password you can use the 'Forgot password' option on the login screen to login to your account. Once you click forgot password you will have to enter the username or email address associated with your Nuo account. You would then receive an email with a link to update your password and securely login to your account.

3. 2 Factor Authentication

You can now enable 2 Factor authentication with Google Authenticator for every important product action you perform on the platform. This includes withdrawals and placing orders on the platform. We have provided users with an option to enable 2FA authentication for certain actions to reduce friction during order placing. We recommend using it for Withdrawals to ensure that no one can withdraw funds from your Nuo account without a 2 factor authentication.

If you have signed up via Metamask or a Web3 Wallet, you will see only 2 options - IP Whitelist and 2FA Authentication.

Our goal is to provide the easiest way to lend and borrow cryptocurrency. We believe different users have different levels of expertise and different needs and 1 solution cannot fit all. We are trying to solve the 3 way dilemma between security, UX and utility in DeFi. 

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