IP verification Whitelist

IP Whitelist will ensure that you can log in to your Nuo account only from certain IPs which have been whitelisted and no one can access the account from a non-whitelisted IP. If you are trying to login to your Nuo account from a different IP address, you will receive an email notification to approve the IP first and then access the account. This is important to ensure that nobody else but you can access this account.

To enable IP Whitelist, you need to follow the steps: 

  1. Login with your account 
  2. Go to Account on the top bar menu
  3. Select the Settings option 
  4. Selecting the 'Settings' option, you would be directed towards the  My Profile page, scroll down to Security question
  5. Click box on IP Whitelist, to  verify the IP address 

Make sure you will have permanent access to the email id that you have inputted on Nuo to ensure you do not get locked out of your account.







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