Does Nuo.Network charge any fee for lending and borrowing?

Currently, Nuo Network doesn’t charge any fees for placing reserves and loans. But in order to cover the relaying gas fees incurred due to meta-transactions every trade and swap is associated with 0.6% and 0.3% transaction cost respectively.

Transaction cost may vary depending on the gas price which is subjected to congestion on the Ethereum network.

min_fees : 0.012 ETH * fee_multiplier
max_fees : 0.1 ETH * fee_multiplier

fee_multiplier = current_gas_price_in_gwei / 10 gwei

Let's say if gas_price = 10 gwei: fee_multiplier = 1,  gas_price = 30 gwei: fee_multiplier = 3

So, fee_percentage for trade = 0.6% of trade amount value * fee_multiplier and fee_percentage for exchange = 0.3% of exchange amount value * fee_multiplier

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