Can I connect my Nuo account to a hardware wallet such as Ledger or Trezor?

Steps to use Nuo with Trezor/Ledger:

You will be able to use your Trezor and Ledger devices with Nuo once Metamask releases their next version(after v6.3.2). But, if you want to use it before Metamask releases it, you can do the following:

1. Download metamask-extension repo here and run it locally like this.

2. In case you want to use the file directly(instead of building it locally yourself), you can download it from here.

3. Go to chrome://extensions/ and click Load Unpacked and select the file you downloaded/built.

4. Connect your Trezor/Ledger H/W wallet onto Metamask and Nuo will now work smoothly.



Signing transactions with H/W wallets connected to Metamask does not work properly on Nuo.


At Nuo, the data signed by the users to perform any transaction(except login to the platform) is of type hexa-decimal. Signing hex data by H/W wallets connected to Metamask does not work. These are the open issues which talk about this:

1. Trezor Issue: 

2. Ledger Issue:

3. Metamask Issue:


We, at Nuo, have been exploring solutions which are dependent as well as independent of Metamask. We have even pushed for the fix of the above mentioned issues on github. Finally, we have managed to get the fix in Metamask for these issues in via the Metamask team. The next version of Metamask(the one after v6.3.2) will contain the fix for these issues.

These are the fix links:

1. Trezor:

2. Ledger:

This should mostly come out within the next week and we should have support for H/W wallets in the released Metamask version then. Until then, please follow the above mentioned 4 steps for H/W wallets support.


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